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Lighting and Irrigation {about us}

Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Landscape Irrigation
Landscape Irrigation

Light Rain will help homeowners create their own paradise!


  • By designing and installing superior automatic, in-ground sprinkler systems.
  • By creating and installing unique landscape lighting designs which highlight attractive features of your property.
  • By providing reliable service for all types of irrigation and lighting products.

Irrigation and landscape lighting will extend your living environment to the outdoors day and night.

About the owner

Dave Higgs started Light Rain so he could provide a more personalized service to his customers, and at the same time, gain greater satisfaction from a job well done.

Dave Higgs is a certified irrigation contractor with many years experience. He has expanded his expertise to include landscape lighting – to get that final visual effect.

Light Rain’s goal is to be known as a reliable, efficient business, which provides high quality workmanship and products for all customers. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

Why use a certified irrigation contractor?

  • To get a customized design and a worry-free installation done by knowledgeable, trained professionals
  • To ensure the use of high-quality products, which increase the life span of your system
  • To have peace of mind, knowing that maintenance is conducted by qualified irrigation specialists

Reputable Products are used:

Light Rain uses only the highest quality products. The irrigation products used have been engineered for maximum water efficiency. The lighting products will provide superior performance and high efficiency under all weather conditions.

You can be assured that your irrigation and/or lighting system will have the dependability and the durability that you will require. Our top-of-the-line products are supplied by John Deere Landscapes, who are one of the largest and most reliable suppliers in Ontario. They have an outstanding reputation for quality, availability, and dependability.

Landscape Lighting and Irrigation

Landscape Lighting and Irrigation


“Thanks to you, David, I no longer have to drag those long, heavy hoses around trees and up hills. You have just added ten years on to my life. Our lawn stays green and is healthy looking all summer long. Our flower beds love those misters.”

Dorothy Higgs

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